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Dear Friends!

In the Manufaktor Atelier you can find and buy the works of artists Richard Garami and Eni Ötvös.

We established our atelier in 1999. We are engaged in preparing puppets and designing toys. Out objects are creations of applied art, uniquely designed and prepared pieces and graphic prints in small series.

- We only make a fixed quantity of objects with a determinate number – marionettes and paper toys – each year. So if you would like to have one of those and they are not available at the moment, we can write to you when they will be completed.
- The number of the limited number objects – for example book objects – are finite so if you would like to purchase those ones we are going to inform you what is the exact serial number of the object that you can buy and we can send pictures about the new products that we are making in the meantime.
- The unique products are made really just in one original and no copies are available but if you want one of our unique products we can send you pictures and prices of the products that are still available.

Portfolios and assembly instructions:

Our Objects

First of all, we create classical, mechanical marionnetes, especially for families and collectors. Naturally, next to this, we undertake professional orders as well, we take part in theatre and movie productions, or we make personal pieces for individual orders. Please take into consideration that the head, the hands and the legs of the marionettes are fragile. When ordering unique pieces, you can ask for different materials and different sizes.

Paper Toys

Our paper toys are characteristically involved in theatre and dramaturgic plays. We design and prepare classical perspective theatres, so called "guckkasten" theatres using scene perspective and shadow theatres. All paper theatres and paper toys operate with do-it-yourself technique, thus one has to cut, stick and tinker at home, and continue, think further and eventually improve the objects.

Optical Instruments

Our important field of research is the cultural history of vision and sensation, therefore we create optical toys, reconstruct media-archeological instruments and fill them with a specific content. Do-it yourself technique is typical in several pieces of ours, so the future owner can improve her/his manual skills.


Besides these, we produce pieces in limited edition for exhibitions made with great care. We do not sell these objects, in some cases, collectors buy them.


We offer our objects first of all to children over 6 years and for adults. Under the age of 6, they can be used only under the eye of parents. The puppets, finger puppets and paper theatres are mainly suitable for theatre plays, as they were made with this purpose. Naturally, all our objects are under guarantee with regard to the mechanical parts (e.g. marionettes), but we are happy to restore any broken, soiled or torn parts for an agreed price - after examination. We also undertake restoration of objects made elsewhere - or we suggest a specialist. Kindly ask you to take care of all objects bought from us due to their being special.

Manufaktor possesses CE certificates by all objects where it is required, we performed all quality insurance procedures and controls.

Contact information

Ötvös EnikÅ‘

Phone: 0036309140348

TIN: 76945494-1-42
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